BLS for Healthcare Providers


BLS for Healthcare Providers


AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers - This course is for individuals who are in the healthcare industry or working toward a healthcare degree or certification. The course prepares you to recognize, respond, and manage a patient in cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and choking. There is an adult and infant skills requirements and must pass a 25 question written test at the end.

Course Schedule:

May 7: 6p - 10p

June 4: 6p - 10p

July 2: 6p - 10p

Aug 6: 6p - 10p

Sept 3: 6p - 10p

Oct 1: 6p - 10p

Nov 5: 6p - 10p

Dec: No Class

Don’t see your date here? HCP Classes are scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of every month.

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