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Northwest Community Health Education conducts Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) courses on an “ass needed” basis. The EMR is the National Certification and the Texas State EMS Office recognizes this as the Emergency Care Attendant (ECA). Northwest designs this course to help provide access to medical education to individuals who are in rural areas or individuals with schedules that may not accommodate a residential course.

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This certification is most often suitable for individuals that are Fire Fighters in pursuit of TCFP, first responders in rural areas, industry campus first responders, Law Enforcement, and other similar roles. The role of the EMR is primarily to focus on preparing you to respond and care for a patient until a transport EMS unit arrives.


Maximum course cost is $650. Discounts may be available for groups and other public service individuals. Payment must be received in full and there are no payment plans available. Tuition includes text book and online access. Tuition does not include testing ($60), licensing ($64), and background check fees ($40) required to obtain certification. certification.


Northwest currently hosts this course primarily as a distributive learning course online for the didactic portion of the course. There are typically 3 to 4 in-class days dedicated to skills practice, skills testing, and final testing. The course is conducted typically over 3 months. Hospital and ambulance clinicals are not required as part of the course; however, Northwest may offer an observer shift on the ambulance based on the interest of the individual and/or group.

To receive a successful course completion the student must achieve a 70% or higher on the course final exam and finish with a course final grade of 70% or higher. Generally, each chapter assignments are made of a 10 question quiz with unlimited attempts and 1-3 short answer questions that are recorded as complete/incomplete. The module exams require a 70% or higher within two attempts. Module exams are timed and taken at home.

The course operates on a Wednesday to Tuesday assignment cycle. Each chapter has prerecorded lectures in addition to chapter outlines, power points, and other learning aids. Estimated weekly workload is 6 hours.

Northwest will host/design a course for groups or organizations with adequate enrollment and based on Northwest’s operational capacity.


EMR Interest List retains information of individuals interested in the course. Once adequate interest is reached, open enrollment RSVP is emailed to the interest list. This is typically 1-2 months prior to course start.

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For any further questions or information, email Eric.Steffel@NWCommunityHealth.org

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